Absolute “Marilyn Monroe” Condo

Absolute condo Marilyn Monroe
Absolute also known as the Marilyn Monroe condo

The fourth and fifth towers of the Absolute condos,  a  multi-staged residential condo development in Mississauga, Ontario, have together become worldwide architecture symbols of the Canadian city. These two twisting towers  were designed by architect Yansong Ma of MAD architects, based in Beijing, China, and they were the winning design in a public competition held in 2006.

Once the towers began taking shape, they were quickly nicknamed the Marilyn Monroe condos, due to their organic, undulating shape.

The two Absolute towers stand at 56 storeys, and 50 storeys, which in itself is a considerable record for a suburban city in North America, but it is the design itself which has drawn international attention and awards to Mississauga. They can be found at 50 and 60 Absolute Avenue,  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

As far as their architecture goes, we believe these are  two of the most dramatic and avant-garde towers to be found anywhere in the world.